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Azadeh Paksa, PhD


Azadeh was born in Isfahan, ‘half of the world’ as called by Isfahanians. She obtained her Bachelor in Biology from University of Isfahan in Iran. Then, she moved to Goettingen in Germany to pursue her masters at University of Goettingen. In 2016, she finished her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at University of Muenster in Germany. There she described the mechanisms responsible for maintaining the position of migratory germ cells following their arrival at the site of the future gonad. Her current interest is to understand what a regenerating tissue remembers.

What drew you to your field?

The process of regeneration and cell communication

What do you do when you’re not in the lab?

Socializing with friends, dreaming of spending time with family, enjoying the nature, watching movies, doing sport, cooking, learning languages


Describe Rajagopal lab culture in 3 words:

Independence, Supportive, Science 

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